Independence Edition Tyr Triggers

$ 150.00

Are you ready to trigger America? 
Well you remind me of the constitution, because you look like a national treasure, baby.  Or at least that's what you’ll be saying when you manage to get your hands on one of these freedom loving Tyrs. 
Currently just doing a trial run of 5 gen5 models, though more gen3-4 and 5 models are in the works in time for Independence Day, so every red blooded, meat loving, standing for the national anthem because its the right thing to do if you love your country type of person you are can snag one.  (Vegans feel free to snatch them up too with your delicate, manicured hands, we’re inclusive like that.)
Only ONE of from this trial run will have the silver NiB safety. The other four will red, white, and blow your mind, you sexy American, you.


*National anthem kneelers can f*ck right off.


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