December 29, just a short update and note. December 29, 2015 00:37

I underwent shoulder surgery to repair a torn labrum tendon in my right shoulder earlier today (the 28th).  It stemmed from a training injury a few years back and caused a lot of pain initially but over time it basically 'healed' to the point where it didn't hurt anymore, just crunched and popped and limited what I could do.  I finally took the plunge, got an MRI done and we're lucky enough in Idaho Falls to have a very renown shoulder/knee surgeon that did (and still does) a lot of NFL player's work.  The surgery went well, its still a good 6-8 week minimum before I'm full on work-ready (speaking day job), but gun work shouldn't be nearly as far on the back burner so for those of you who have firearms here waiting to be worked on, don't fret, I'll be getting to them soon!

I also received the update that the new order of Tyr triggers are back from anodizing, once they've gone through laser marking they'll be back in hand and ready to ship!  Again, I thank you all for your patience and look forward to your feedback once you receive your order, this should be the last of the long waits for triggers, things should be smooth sailing from here on out!

- Damon